Thank you for your support!

Thanks to your support, we have completed our goal of finding new homes for many ponies and collectibles!

Dear Pony Friends,

It was a tough and also a fun process to go through all those ponies one by one, clean them up, photograph, and list them. It brought back so many memories. We remember going to garage sales and flea markets with our parents when we were kids, and thoroughly cleaning them when we got home.

We remember play time with special events like My Little Pony “Price is Right!” concerts for ponies we named as country music singers, and “Pony Miss America.” And sometimes we’d catapult the playful babies across the bedroom with Lincoln Log seesaws. 😊

With all these types of memories flooding back, it was hard seeing the ponies go out the door, but we did keep a small collection for ourselves.

Both of our parents participated in building this collection. Dad would scope out new toy stores all over the east coast and midwest during work travel. And later, Mom succeeded in creating a full collection of the first generation of My Little Ponies. Along the way, her passion for our childhood toy became a passion for her in collecting.

We love that you can now make new and cherished memories with the ponies you’ve welcomed to your pony family. We hope we’ve brought a little more joy and color in to your home, and you have helped us enter the next phase as a family.


With Love,
Laura & Kim